Where to start?

Job searching can be daunting at times. You may be pro-actively looking for a new challenge or simply keeping an eye on the job market. We can help you embark on the journey towards your next role, whether it is promotion, change of career or simply a change of environment.

"The advice that Debbie Curtis has provided me with has proved to be invaluable in furthering my ACCA studies. It is only with Debbie’s experience and enthusiasm to help candidates that I have done as well as I have with my ACCA studies."

"Debbie set up an interview & guided me through the process. At every stage Debbie kept in contact & made sure I was prepared & offered vast amounts of support."

Job Search

In addition to the positions listed in the Current Vacancies section, we work with our recruitment partners to find the right role for you. So even if the right role for you is not listed in our vacancies listing, we can help find your next opportunity.

CV Writing

We can offer you advice and guidance as well as a CV writing service. First impressions count so make your CV stand out from the crowd. We can advise you on formatting, wording and general CV etiquette.

Interview Preparation

Each interview is different, and each employer looks for different skills, abilities, qualities and experience in candidates. We understand the requirements of the companies we work with and can help you to prepare for your interview.