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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Paul Phipps In the modern age, new phrases appear and disappear regularly and that’s especially true within business.  At the beginning of the twenty-first century, ‘staycation’ appeared in the English lexicon and in recent weeks, we have been hearing about a ‘stay interview’. In the sphere of HR, exit interviews are well known and…

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It’s Our Birthday!

Many Happy Returns July is a special month for Curtis Recruitment – it’s our birthday – and July 31st, 2018 marks three years of successful trading.  Along the way there have been highs and lows, gains and losses, long hours and plenty of blood, sweat and tears shed, in the pursuance of providing an exemplary…

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How to Make Your CV Work for You

By Paul Phipps The perfect CV is an elusive beast; with conflicting ideas of how it is best achieved, what to include or omit, which format and layout or even whether to include all jobs.  If you asked ten recruiters or HR Managers how to write the perfect CV, you may well get eleven answers. …

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Curtis Recruitment on Money Box Live

By Paul Phipps As an agency specialising in accountancy practice recruitment, we have been experiencing a severe shortage of suitable candidates for our roles and with unemployment running at 4.4%, it is not just our sector that is struggling with the light flow of candidates. On Radio 4’s ‘Money Box Live’ programme yesterday (28th February)…

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Lowball Job Offers – The Consequences

  By Paul Phipps It’s a common occurrence; a recruiter arranges an interview, the candidate attends, and it goes well, the client requests a second interview and this goes well too.  The candidate likes the company and wants the job and the client can envisage the candidate being an asset to the company.  It’s time…

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UK ban on credit card surcharges could cause rising prices

Credit card surcharges

In our blog last week, we commented on the unintended consequences following the impending ban on surcharges for paying by credit card; with HMRC saying that it would no longer accept payments on personal credit cards after 13th January 2018.  So far, it seems that HMRC is alone in taking this stance with many companies…

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HMRC to Ban Personal Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments

It has been a common practice for companies, government departments and official bodies to add a surcharge for credit card payments, but that is set to end in January 2018.  The implementation of the EU second Payment Services Directive (PSDII) aims to reform the way credit and debit card payments are made. In light of…

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Is Your CV in Safe Hands?

CV Curtis Recruitment

Life as an ethical recruiter is frustrating! You find a great candidate, spend a considerable amount of time interviewing and assessing their requirements and discussing suitable roles. At the end of that process, you establish the ‘right to represent’ and agree that you will forward their CV to one or more specific clients for roles…

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A Plea From a Seasoned Recruiter

Recruitment Consultant

I am getting rather fed up with the negative and disrespectful comments regarding recruitment consultants that are constantly being disseminated on LinkedIn. Why do people think that it’s acceptable to denigrate an entire industry sector because of a less than perfect personal experience? Most of the time and for most people, the recruitment process results…

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Happy Birthday to Us

Curtis Recruitment

Today we are jumping for joy as it is 2 years since we opened the doors at Curtis Recruitment and after 29 years of working within the recruitment industry, raising a family and the trials and tribulations of life, I decided it was time to go into business for myself. It has been a hard…

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