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A Fantastic Evening With ICAEW Was Had By All

After much planning and eager anticipation, Curtis Recruitment attended the ICAEW Thames Valley Presidents’ Summer Celebration on Thursday 6th June as sponsors of the event.  The summer celebration followed the Newly Qualified Members’ Ceremony 2019 for the newly qualified ACA attendees. Once the award ceremony finished, it was time to relax and enjoy some great…

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Is Your CV in Safe Hands?

CV Curtis Recruitment

Life as an ethical recruiter is frustrating! You find a great candidate, spend a considerable amount of time interviewing and assessing their requirements and discussing suitable roles. At the end of that process, you establish the ‘right to represent’ and agree that you will forward their CV to one or more specific clients for roles…

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Recruitment Consultant or Shark?

By Paul Phipps & Debbie Curtis When GDPR came in to force in May 2018, we were rather hoping that a legal imperative would focus the attention of unscrupulous recruiters who send speculative CVs to prospective employers, without speaking to the candidate first, gaining right to represent and agreeing as to where they would send…

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Which Colour Pen Would You Choose?

Which colour pen do you prefer? Ahead of a regional ICAEW awards event that Curtis Recruitment have been asked to sponsor, we have had some branded notebooks and pens delivered.  However, due to a mistake with the pen colour, we have ended up with two different pens, one black and the other purple and black…

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The Changing Face of Employment

By Paul Phipps The robots are coming, and we’re all doomed! That’s certainly one view of the way in which the world of work is changing, albeit, a somewhat pessimistic outlook.  Whilst we may not yet be facing a life of servitude and redundancy at the hands of the machines of labour, mechanisation and digitalisation, technological…

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Paul Phipps In the modern age, new phrases appear and disappear regularly and that’s especially true within business.  At the beginning of the twenty-first century, ‘staycation’ appeared in the English lexicon and in recent weeks, we have been hearing about a ‘stay interview’. In the sphere of HR, exit interviews are well known and…

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It’s Our Birthday!

Many Happy Returns July is a special month for Curtis Recruitment – it’s our birthday – and July 31st, 2018 marks three years of successful trading.  Along the way there have been highs and lows, gains and losses, long hours and plenty of blood, sweat and tears shed, in the pursuance of providing an exemplary…

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How to Make Your CV Work for You

By Paul Phipps The perfect CV is an elusive beast; with conflicting ideas of how it is best achieved, what to include or omit, which format and layout or even whether to include all jobs.  If you asked ten recruiters or HR Managers how to write the perfect CV, you may well get eleven answers. …

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Curtis Recruitment on Money Box Live

By Paul Phipps As an agency specialising in accountancy practice recruitment, we have been experiencing a severe shortage of suitable candidates for our roles and with unemployment running at 4.4%, it is not just our sector that is struggling with the light flow of candidates. On Radio 4’s ‘Money Box Live’ programme yesterday (28th February)…

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