We’re Back!

Our Tentative Return to The Office

On Thursday 19th March, we packed up Curtis Recruitment HQ and moved operations home.  Today, we returned.

It was a little eerie and disquieting, opening the door and seeing the empty spaces where our hardware had been, but within an hour or so, and after a little dusting, everything was back in place, PCs connected and ready to go.

With both directors shielding for the last five and a half months, we are returning to the serviced offices with some trepidation because we have had very little interaction with others during lock down but now, we are potentially closer to the virus.

Working from home has been challenging and despite the obvious worry of sharing facilities in the business centre, it will be good to fully focus on work again as the country enters the next phase of the Covid crisis.

The Future

No one knows what the coming months will bring.  There will undoubtedly be redundancies and restructuring in some sectors and it could be a difficult time for employees and business owners alike.

However, in my opinion, the way out of the crisis (alongside thwarting Covid through safe interactions) is to show resilience and build for the future, which is what we intend for our business now that we are reinstalled in our office.

We are fully operational and some of our clients are recruiting again, although we have around 20% of the live vacancies that we had before March.  There have been successes for us, having recently made five placements, and we are optimistic that with hard work and commitment, our business will be back on track to grow at pre-Covid predicted levels before too much longer.

The ongoing support from our clients and candidates is much appreciated and as we try to transition from the chaos and uncertainty that Covid has bestowed upon us, back to some kind of ‘normal’, we hope that you can get on with life whilst minimalising risk for yourself and others.

Curtis Recruitment is here to assist wherever we can, so if you are looking for a new role within accountancy practice, please do get in touch.

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