A Fabulous Four Years … and Not Out

By Paul Phipps

Four years ago, on 31st July 2015, Debbie Curtis became Managing Director of her own recruitment agency with the incorporation of Curtis Recruitment Ltd.  She was assisted by Katie, who contributed massively with setting up the business.  This followed nearly three decades of working within the recruitment industry, much of which, was within accountancy and finance recruitment and she most likely thought that she was getting the hang of it by then, and as her son approached 19, it was time to do it for herself.

Shortly after the company’s incorporation, she enlisted my help on an ad hoc basis, writing job ads and formatting CVs so that she could concentrate on the client and candidate facing aspect of the recruitment process.  After around six months, I took a leap of faith and closed my business to join Curtis Recruitment full time as Director.

It’s four years down the line and the business continues to enjoy steady growth, despite the trials and tribulations that have arisen, and at times, threatened to derail us.  There have been tough times and good times, there have been highs and lows and there has been a peppering of doubts along the way, however, as we celebrate our fourth birthday, we are settling into our new office and see a bright future ahead.

Recruitment can be a hard, somewhat fickle business and sometimes it can seem to be a thankless task.  That said, our successes far outweigh the disappointments and we are feeling confident about our continuing success for the next four years.

Moving into the new office has given us a renewed, positive perspective on our future and the change was exactly what was needed to accommodate our continued growth.  It signifies the next phase, taking a step up and embracing new challenges and it coincided rather nicely with our fourth anniversary.

We would like to thank our clients and candidates, without whom, we simply wouldn’t exist.  We would also like to acknowledge and thank our partner agencies with whom we work very closely, many of which, are members of The Employment Agents Network (TEAM).  These allegiances help us smaller agencies to compete with the ‘big boys’ by working on vacancies together.  This means that we can assist our respective clients and candidates more effectively.

Going back to the tough times; there were some lean periods in the early years and the team at TEAM were extremely supportive and assured us that we shouldn’t change our model and that advice helped us to push forward and succeed.  Being members of TEAM, with the quarterly meetings, access to service providers and resources, has proved to be invaluable.

So, here’s to the next four years.  Onwards and upwards.  Onward flies the bird.

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